EVS is a services company which prepares, executes and optimises multi-enterprise collaboration processes taking special care of each company specific feature.

Its main privileged field of activity is the export management, so the employees must have an open and multi-cultural approach. Headquarters are based in Switzerland and with offices in France, Spain USA and Hong Kong to attend a global coverage.

EVS is composed by three teams strongly interdependent. The customer relations team manages the trade flows, the technical support team manages the quality flows and after-sales service, and the service and administration team manages the legal and accounting flows.


evs service covers the preparation, execution and follow-up processes of international exports


evs team provides active support and exhaustive control of the supply chain process


we believe that trust, built on discretion and transparency, is the basis for long term relationships with our customers


we provide you with a customized solution that will best fit your specific needs


you decide which activity should be outsourced or insourced, keeping track of the objectives, KPIs and your core business

why evs

There are many reasons to chose EVS as your Export Process Management partner. Aside from benefiting from a proven experience and peace-of-mind, there are also the following factors to consider:

  • Strategic Factors: focus on core competencies, improve customer service, enhance flexibility
  • Operational Factors: improved process execution, improved technology, operational experience
  • Financial Factors: reduce costs, reduce capital requirements, improve margins

At EVS we believe in building palpable values for our clients. EVS puts at your service years of proven experience and personnel dedicated to export process management. Services allow you to reduce your  operating costs and optimize resource allocation. Trusting us with your export management gives you peace of mind without losing sight of its strategic importance. Our passion is to provide you edge value solutions, making your international exports obviously simple.

custom fit

Because every customer has specific needs, we offer custom fit solutions to meet to your logistic strategy, monitoring and reporting needs. We provide an array of on demand services that will make EVS your export management partner.


All our solutions are 100% visible 24/7 through our system, so our customers can get real time information at the moment they need it. We generate reports as requested, on daily, weekly or monthly basis to monitor the most demanding logistic schedules and constantly improve the process.

crisis management

Through our determined and dedicated staff even the most delicate situations can be handled. We know that unforeseen events happen constantly; this is why we understand and care that all situations are properly resolved to achieve our client's satisfaction. We act proactively to avoid unnecessary "decibel" escalation and bring fast and determining solutions.

process management

We go well beyond than simply moving merchandise. We take pride in describing our service as Export Process Management because we know the difficulties in coordinating multiple parties in international supply chains. Our service goes well beyond the logistical aspects.

maturity growth

  The longer we work together, the better our value for our clients. As time passes by, the maturity process related to our services makes teams more efficient and a significant cost reduction per effective activity. EVS philosophy is to continuously grow processes to increase value for our customers. We make processes shorter by helping our customer teams as well as suppliers and customers to improve their communications to increase efficiency. We build on everyday working experience to help our clients in the maturity process of their export management

progress tracking

We like taking care of our customers and their export process. Therefore we keep track of all the processes we manage, in a transparent way, at every moment.